Surveill VMS

Surveill VMS is a video management platform to power the visual future of security for situational awareness and business intelligence. Surveill’s interactive user interface enables rapid and accurate event verification of alarms from intrusion, access control, people safety, and other security systems. It’s a solution that’s right for organizations of all sizes across industries: easy to manage, cost-effective to scale and inherently high security.

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VMS Built on Modern Software Infrastructure

Designed for single sites or distributed organizations

Surveill, built on microservices for a virtual environment, makes scaling a breeze, whether you're adding a new camera or an entire location. All essential services, including recording, database, and archiving, are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that as your solution scales, it becomes more robust with enhanced redundancy, load balancing for faster performance, and optimized hardware utilization for an efficient security infrastructure.

Supports close integration with a wide array of solutions

Surveill VMS ensures a swift setup with its open API for seamless integrations and an all-in-one software architecture that eliminates the need for separate applications and servers. Enjoy flexibility in reusing existing hardware, enhancing performance, and integrating top-notch solutions, ensuring you're never locked into a specific set of hardware, with easy adaptability for upgrades and expansions.


Mission Critical

Surveill VMS sets the standard for mission-critical video applications, ensuring constant availability even in challenging network conditions or high demand. With a blend of local appliances and efficient cloud bandwidth management, Surveill guarantees lightning-quick responses under the most demanding loads. Our modern cloud-enabled architecture includes high availability, redundancy, failover, and active cybersecurity risk management, ensuring a reliable system that's always there when you need it.


Advanced 3D Visualization

Surveill VMS features a visually driven user interface with interactive 2D floor plans and 3D building views that mirror your actual environment, enabling agents to swiftly assess events with precision. Color-coded alarms aid in understanding event nature, facilitating the quick retrieval of relevant camera views. Real-time status updates empower agents to actively track ongoing events.



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The Team Behind Surveill VMS

Edge360 is the driving force behind Surveill VMS, specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and integrating intelligence-based public safety technologies and solutions. Our expertise extends to federal, state, and local governments and commercial and private organizations. Our innovative approach to technology integration sets us apart, prioritizing real-world customer needs and ensuring their comprehensive solutions are technologically advanced, highly practical, and effective.

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