2022: A Year of Lessons and Growth

2022: A Year of Lessons and Growth

It has been quite an impressive year for the Surveill team. We put in the work and saw the results! We have traveled from coast to coast, made upgrades to Surveill VMS, and expanded our team. As always, everything we do is for a purpose, and we work to be transparent about our processes. This year we saw an increased need for protection and had more conversations about the power of containerized solutions than ever before. We have added new team members but have also watched our core team grow immensely. Let’s rewind and reflect on all that we did in 2022.

Increased Need for Protection

For years, Surveill has been used to secure critical assets, but with today’s evolving threat landscape and increasing complexity of attacks, critical infrastructure security — both physical and cyber — is crucial now more than ever. As the risks facing critical infrastructure sites continue to advance, security operators are experiencing the need for increased data capture and situational awareness. That’s where Surveill comes in. IT-centric, video management solutions enable enhanced data collection through video analytics, creating the opportunity to identify, track, or screen individuals.

Containerized Conversations

As a company, we have grown but what has been even more impactful is the industry’s interest in containerized solutions. We have had the opportunity to speak with many of you about the power of containerization. At GSX, CTO Bob Wall even discussed containerization with Security Guy TV. The industry has become both intrigued and impressed by how containerization allows an end user to deploy resources as needed across the enterprise without making significant configuration changes on the backend.

Laser focus on cybersecurity

By design, containerized systems are more secure than traditional, antiquated systems. Applications are more secure in containers, and Docker provides the strongest default isolation capabilities in the industry. Our clients can rest assured that Surveill will meet all your cyber security needs. First used in the government space, Surveill is the best you can get in the commercial market.

An ever-expanding, expert team

This year our team has expanded. We were excited to invite some new experts to the team and watch others grow internally. Some additions earlier this year included Colin Sadler as Director of Product Support and Caroline as Marketing and Office Assistant. We most recently added Alex on Product Support and Chris to the Sales team. With technology like Surveill, an expert team is needed, and with growth like ours, the people behind it have to grow too! We are thrilled to welcome all of them to the Edge360 family.

Technology improvements

On the tech side, we made improvements to the Surveill you know and love. The replay capability and data extractions were improved this year, along with general tracking and the ability to identify actions rapidly. We also added path tracking, which allows users to mark a path, and if the object (or person) goes outside of the path, users can be alerted.

Our team developed an integration layer that allows us to integrate with any third-party solutions. The integration layer allowed us to complete our LIDAR integration much faster and will make future integrations a piece of cake.

Finally, we added some automation features to Surveill because who doesn’t love automation? This new feature can create rules within the system to best fit your needs. For example, an SMS or email notification can be sent to the owner if a specific action is detected. This allows for fast action to take place. Or if a server goes down, you can be notified immediately rather than waiting another day to resolve it.

Our team is continually working to make Surveill work perfectly for each of our clients, and this year showed that more than ever.


We have been excited to share all of our partnerships this year. You might have heard about our partnership with Quanergy, or maybe you joined our webinar in August. Collaborations like this are necessary in this space. All of our partners bring expertise from various professional and technical backgrounds.

We also finalized a bi-directional integration with Gallagher. This integration opened new doors for us and showed how we could use bi-directional integrations in the future. Bi-directional integrations allow us to not only send data to the system but pull data from it as well.

What’s Ahead

So if we already did all of this in 2022, what can you expect in 2023? Well, first, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for all of the updates. Keep an eye out for a new website look and feel to match the Surveill energy. Expect to see us at more tradeshows, and don’t be a stranger! We love giving demos and talking about our technology.

To all of our industry friends, customers, partners, and colleagues, thank you for a great year. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and an even better 2023.