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Something that must be taken into consideration is that with the worldwide utilization of any technology, precautions must be put in place to ensure that the products and services associated have minimal negative environmental impacts. The security industry is no exception.

The technology used to ensure our safety and protection is useless if it causes more long-term harm than good. Though short-term, real-time security is imperative, environmentally damaging technology can have irreversible life-threatening effects.

How can we help?

Sustainability begins at the corporate level. Creating and manufacturing sustainable products trickles down to widespread use by consumers. Organizations can commit to producing environmentally-friendly products in sustainable ways, with ethically sourced materials. Consumers can commit to using and supporting these instead of other, less-environmentally friendly brands and products.

Energy Efficiency

Any device that requires power to run should strive to increase energy efficiency. Energy-efficient products help with the reduction of air pollution and the conservation of natural resources.

Energy efficiency also involves the energy sources we use. Switching to renewable resources such as solar or wind energy rather than fossil fuels like gas and coal can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental effects.

In addition to the environmental benefits of using energy-efficient products, there are economic benefits. These products cut down on the amount of energy required to power the products you use, which ends up reducing energy costs. Simply put, the less energy you use, the more money you save.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable manufacturing has to do with reducing negative environmental impacts of manufacturing by creating a safe process that conserves energy and resources.

A large part of improving production sustainability has to do with where the materials that are used in production come from. Materials that are ethically sourced have both  environmental benefits and positive social and economic effects.

It may seem difficult to achieve a sustainable manufacturing process on a large scale, but small changes can make a big difference. Sustainability can have long-term benefits in terms of the environment, cost, product quality, and the ability to continue production.

How is Surveill eco-friendly?

Surveill VMS is committed to maintaining an eco-friendly approach to security, reducing our footprint where we can and designing technology to help you do the same.


Surveill is the first fully containerized VMS, running on a microservices architecture. Traditional VMS solutions running on monolithic architecture require several servers to perform the tasks necessary for an effective VMS, but this isn’t the case with Surveill. What many servers used to do, we can now do with one.

So, how is this eco-friendly?

Good question. By containing all the necessary features and functions of a VMS to Surveill containers, we are able to reduce the amount of hardware appliances required in your security infrastructure. Whereas traditional systems would have required multiple servers, Surveill only requires one for full functionality.

By reducing the amount of hardware needed for the VMS component of security systems, we cut down on the amount of machinery and energy required.

Hardware Agnosticity

Surveill is hardware agnostic, meaning that our VMS software works with what you’ve got. Any environment that can run containers can run Surveill.

Surveill is able to move into existing infrastructures without needing to take out or replace the hardware. This saves your hardware investment, meaning no existing devices are wasted, and no new devices need to be introduced. This also cuts down on the amount of energy required to power your devices and any that you may have otherwise had to install.


Efforts to improve environmental sustainability must be taken in order to ensure a safe future for our planet and everyone/thing that inhabits it. The security industry must make efforts to cut down on resource and energy consumption, and there are many ways for us to do it. Committing to sustainable manufacturing and consumption are essential.

In addition to positive environmental change, eco-friendly companies would likely lead to numerous social and economic benefits. Every change makes a difference.