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Enterprise security software can seem intimidating because it’s hard to know what you’re committing to. Large organizations have to be organized. With a larger company, There are multiple solutions under one roof. They can either be siloed or unified. Here are some of the individual solutions that should be linked into one comprehensive solution:

  • Video management software
  • Access control
  • Analytics
  • Physical security personnel

1. Integrations

With companies ranging in size, from city-wide to nationwide to a global presence, there is a greater risk for siloed, desolate systems that operate autonomously. This is dangerous because vital information can be lost.

When scoping out a potential security solution or considering enterprise software, look for integration capabilities. There is no reason a modern solution should not be able to integrate with the solutions you have in place. For example, an IP camera system for your physical security should be integrated with your alarms and alerts as well as your access control application.

Having a single pane of glass is a risk management tactic and a way to develop a preparatory security strategy as opposed to a reactionary one.

2. Safe Team, Safe Clients

The safety of your team and your clients is the top priority. All the people that are on your sites should feel safe, and they should know that if something were to go awry, the security team would have the tools to address and resolve the issue immediately. An organization that can confidently say they have their bases covered -that they have provided the tools to keep their team and their clients safe is creating a people-first culture (which is always a great way to run a company).

3. Secured Assets

Greater Visibility of your locations, warehouses, stores, and campuses gives you greater peace of mind that your assets are protected. Modern surveillance systems give users remote access to camera feeds, with zooming and panning capabilities from their PTZ camera connections. All surveilled locations have a clear picture of what is happening. Newer VMS software even allows in-app editing of video content if you need to modify the images for easier viewing.

4. Scalability

This is a big one. The VMS solution for a small business versus a medium to large business would look somewhat different. Medium to large businesses need to take into account the growth that they want for their enterprise with every investment they make. A VMS solution should be scalable and allow for seamless integration with very little risk for fatigue as technology advances, the system should be easily upgradable, taking into account that technology changes and advances often.

5. Less Pressure to find “THE SOLUTION”

A large organization will never only have a single solution. Typically, a large organization will have a VMS solution, an access control solution, and some type of analytic solution for their security. There might also be a single solution that has all of the above, but oftentimes these types of solutions will perform average at best. That’s why having a technical SME as part of the approach to your solution is essential to mapping out the security strategy, SME’s can provide a non-biased view of the security infrastructure so your organization can proceed in confidence.

When you are searching for a VMS solution, you need a VMS that is able to integrate with other solutions. This way you can find the best access control product, the best analytic product, and have the VMS system integrate with them. This type of integration will make it seem like you are running a single solution rather than trying to manage multiple separately. A unified solution will make your full security environment appear on a single pane of glass.

Surveill is an enterprise-grade and fully-containerized VMS solution designed to integrate with other security solutions such as access control and analytics. Our unlimited scalability means that your solution will adapt to your organization’s changing needs as it grows, without locking you into specific hardware requirements. The features have been created with the user experience in mind, so the Surveill VMS is simple to use, update, and alter as needed, along with offering opportunities for individualized support.

Surveill VMS is ready for your mission next – any organization, in any environment, of any size.