Campus Safety Conference 2023

Campus Safety Conference 2023

School is Out for Summer! 

Summer is upon us, and the Surveill team is taking a field trip to this year’s Campus Safety Conference West from July 10-12, 2023, in Henderson, Nevada. CSC West is an important educational and healthcare security conference in the United States, attracting public safety officials, school security leaders, hospital IT administrators, and more. . Every year, these industry leaders gather at CSC to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in campus security to further develop their ability to keep schools, healthcare campuses, and universities safe.

As schools become more integrated with the latest technologies, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and bold as online attackers try to access sensitive data. On top of this, physical security threats such as theft, vandalism, and violence remain frequent despite the rising intensity of security solutions employed by schools in the modern age. So what can campuses do? Our answer: integrated, cyber secure, foundational video management.

Surveill VMS is uniquely positioned to keep campus buildings safe from cyber and physical security risks that threaten educational institutions, from ransomware attacks to active shooter incidents, and we’re excited for the opportunity to “show and tell” at CSC 2023. To overcome the challenges posed by security threats today, schools and universities need a solution that secures their buildings from physical threats, protects their devices from online threats, and monitors their budget and funds to track suspicious activity and unauthorized transactions.

Advanced, integrated, scalable solutions like Surveill VMS are uniquely suited to answer these challenges by quickly identifying security threats and enabling on-site security personnel to act swiftly and appropriately. An effective video management solution doesn’t just observe threats; it helps on-premise security staff analyze, understand, and react to incoming video data. In a modern security landscape, proactive solutions like this are actively shaping the future of campus security, and the Surveill team is eager to show visitors and fellow exhibitors how at this year’s event.

If all of this sounds interesting, consider joining us on our trip to Henderson, Nevada, and visit with the Surveill team at this year’s Campus Security Conference! We’ll see you on the show floor – and come ready to take notes!