Critical Infrastructure

Video's Role in Securing Critical Infrastructure

The necessity of the comprehensive and reliable protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure sites can never be overstated. However, we may not think about it often. These facilities provide us with the essential products and services we use daily, such as power, water, and heat. And with today’s evolving threat landscape and increasing complexity of attacks, critical infrastructure security — both physical and cyber — is crucial now more than ever.

With Surveill VMS, you can heighten awareness and increase security protection.

There's VMS. Then there's Surveill.

While more cameras lead to more data, security leaders continuously search for ways to use this information for better insight, detection, and awareness. But users need solutions that improve accuracy and performance to make video useful. Emerging technologies like machine learning and video analytics can also vastly improve accuracy to allow stakeholders to make continued operational improvements. At the same time, critical infrastructure sites must also ensure the highest security of the data collected and work to protect network-enabled solutions from cyber threats.

Aside from making systems safer, technology can be leveraged to increase operational efficiencies and build more robust business processes. Video data can be used to evaluate current processes with ticketing or help retail stores within the facility reduce theft while mobile video applications can support staff in-the-field.

Ensuring the safety and security of facilities, employees, and area residents has always been a significant concern. By utilizing intelligent infrastructure, trusted IT process, and advanced video surveillance platforms, security leaders can create safer, more intelligent critical infrastructure campuses.

Security is a massive IT problem and to date, the VMS industry has not adapted. We as an industry must evolve to take advantage of today’s IT infrastructure. Surveill has accomplished this.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • All prerequisites pre-configured and installed
  • Ready to implement instantly
  • Hassle-free deployments
  • Built with complex global situations in mind
  • A true enterprise solution that can scale and are capable of fitting into any sized environment
  • Scalable, simple to use, and robust solution that can be tailored to fit organizational needs
  • Leverages modern network and software technologies
  • Takes advantage of compute, hardware, and manpower resources to maximize network performance
  • Successfully deploy, manage, update, and secure mission-critical video from anywhere on your network
  • Supports critical software updates and patches to ensure optimal performance
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protection with software isolation practices. 
  • Active images scanned against known vulnerabilities and indexed during the pre-deployment phase

Built-in 3D Visualization

Real-time, Automatic System Updates

Containerized Environment

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