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Mission-Critical VMS Designed for Data Centers

When Uptime and availability are critical, Surveill is the VMS of choice

It’s 2022. Why are you still relying on aging video surveillance infrastructure to address modern-day risks?

The time is now to explore how IT-centric video management can provide the scalability, reliability and automatic updates you and your security team require to address evolving risks and keep your data center up and running.


Data centers must focus on modernizing security and safety efforts by adopting a holistic approach to realize comprehensive risk management to address emerging and evolving security challenges. But ever-evolving risks, such as workplace violence, cyber threats, and brand reputation protection require more robust protocols than older physical security systems can provide.

Data centers must have precise oversight over who accesses the facilities and when and access to the video data necessary to support a robust corporate security strategy. Using video to monitor personnel and deter unauthorized entry, and address potential sabotage attempts goes a long way to limiting data center breaches and unauthorized network access. But it has to be a system built for mission-critical deployments to be impactful.

Video management is the backbone of comprehensive security command systems that support thousands of cameras. However, because so many VMS systems deployed today are outdated and utilize older technology, data centers are not experiencing the full scope of security across their organization as they could.



Ensuring the safety and security of mission-critical data centers has always been a significant concern, especially considering the rise in cyber-attacks. But, by utilizing intelligent infrastructure, trusted IT processes, and advanced video surveillance platforms, IT leaders can create safer, more intelligent systems that stretch over cyber and physical security protection.

What makes containerized Surveill VMS systems different from traditional VMS systems?

  • What makes containerized Surveill VMS systems different from traditional VMS systems?
  • All prerequisites are pre-configured and installed.
  • Ready to implement instantly.
  • Hassle-free deployments.
  • Built with complex global situations in mind.
  • A proper enterprise solution that can scale and are capable of fitting into any sized environment.
  • Scalable, simple to use, and robust solution that can be tailored to fit organizational needs.
  • Leverages modern network and software technologies.
  • Takes advantage of computing, hardware, and staffing resources to maximize network performance.
  • Successfully deploy, manage, update, and secure mission-critical video from anywhere on your network.
  • Supports critical software updates and patches to ensure optimal performance.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protection with software isolation practices.
  • Active images scanned against known vulnerabilities and indexed during the pre-deployment phase.

Why Choose Surveill VMS?

  • Optimized personnel deployments and technology investments.
  • Higher levels of situational intelligence improve decision-making.
  • Increased safety and security with rapid incident responses.
  • Stronger investigations by linking data from various third-party sources for a greater understanding of incidents.
  • Reduced time spent on investigations.
  • Automation and pre-defined standard operating procedures that help reduce workload, automate actions and optimize processes.
  • A simplified, intuitive interface improves operator engagement and reduces training requirements.

Security is a massive IT problem, and to date, the VMS industry has not adapted. We as an industry must evolve to take advantage of today’s IT infrastructure. Surveill is the answer.

Built-in 3D Visualization

Real-time, Automatic System Updates

Containerized Environment

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