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The security landscape is constantly changing as new technological advancements fill our space. This is especially challenging when building our organization’s enterprise security architecture. For those of us who own businesses, head enterprises, or manage sensitive information, it is our duty to leverage the newest security technology to keep our data safe and equip our teams with vital information. Threats will continue to evolve. Evolving along with them is imperative. Here are five ways to stay ahead of the game in building your security systems for 2022 and beyond.

1. Make sure you research all the options in the market for your hardware and software.

Don’t only focus on solutions that are heavily advertised or pushed by resellers. Sales create motives outside of your security needs. It’s great that people are working to meet their sales quota, but it certainly should not be the deciding factor for your investment. The more research you and your team do, the more you can ensure the solution you get is crafted around your company’s challenges and not the other way around.

Product peddlers often try to fit your problem to their solution, which is a waste of time and does not take your whole environment into account. You can better avoid this by finding a company that works on security solutions for your industry specifically and for organizations like yours.

Do not consult with a sales agent – talk with the SMEs. It is normal for a sales agent to be the first point of contact, but ensure you have time to speak with an engineer or product specialist as well. Find a company that takes a holistic approach and listens to the challenges and pain points first, before diagnosing.

Your first conversation with a security solutions provider should be about what you want to improve. This company should be willing to work through a couple of iterations along with you to ensure you are happy with the solution. The security industry is huge, which means you can find a specialist who fits your needs.

2. Do not buy into a solution that claims to be a fix-all without any upkeep.

Security solutions should be scalable, upgradable, and malleable with the times. Amid the digital age, security operations must be agile, extremely accurate, and of course, faster than the threats. Your security system is only as effective as it is adaptable to the changing landscape. Ensure you understand how customizable your system is before you invest.

You do not want to get boxed in with a company’s capabilities, and if you work with a company that requires specific hardware and allows for limited integration… you’ll be doing just that. If a company like this discontinues your product or goes out of business, your security system will have its days numbered. Work on building a customizable system that allows easy upkeep and logical upgrades as technology evolves.

3. Know your system well and keep your security team trained and up to date.

Train your team on the system you have, but also ensure they know what problems to look for, what technologies are worth investing in, and how to make educated predictions for which upgrades or additions will be necessary. This will provide your team with a high degree of risk management, prevent data breaches, and even improve operational capabilities.

Analog technology requires more upkeep and more of a hardware investment, especially as time passes. Switching to modern-day architecture, such as Surveill VMS, ensures little to no downtime, less effort and labor, and decreased costs for upgrades in the future, and ultimately, less hardware. Your team should not just execute the security procedures but advise on the security plans for the future.

Reactionary security is a dangerous game, it is much better to be proactive. Finding security solutions that allow you to build your environment in accordance with your security requirements is vital; otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of siloed, disparate systems which often lead to data and time loss. Analytics provide an opportunity to locate risks.

Surveill VMS is a video surveillance platform, and the software’s API-first design allows for integrations with analytics solutions to create proactive environments, rather than reactive ones.

At Edge360 (developer of Surveill VMS) we build a highly diverse team of varying backgrounds so we can build systems that take multiple viewpoints into account. Ultimately, this allows us to craft solutions to react to current security threats and anticipate ones that have not happened yet. Security builds cannot just come from an engineering perspective, but also the functional and business perspectives.

4. Guarantee your support ensures business continuity.

The customer service a security company provides is almost, if not equally, important to the solution itself. The Surveill VMS solution was built on Edge360’s military operations experience, merging them with modern technology imperatives. Surveill VMS is the first fully containerized VMS … but no matter how revolutionary a technology is, customer success is most important.

Each client project is treated as mission-critical, failure is not an option. Identifying threats at long ranges, and in advance of any damage to the enterprise, is always top priority, not sales. Client success is our success, and the job is not finished upon delivery of the system.

5. Do not settle down with a bad product because you feel like you have “invested too much” to let go of a bad fit.

Surveill integrates well into any environment, even ones that are riddled with less modern systems. Integration with existing surveillance technology coupled with advanced software creates a field of view and depth of field to solve enterprise-grade surveillance challenges. Empower your leadership to make strategic decisions based on real-time data. Create a security system for the modern world, built to upgrade for the future.

Surveill is designed to integrate into existing systems, combining them with our own software. Our hardware agnostic approach means we can use most existing servers, saving you thousands of dollars already spent and going forward. Surveill servers working together with our active-active clustering will provide a powerful solution that is able to take existing servers, even if they are older, and repurpose them for our solution.

Updating legacy systems continually takes up time and money. Over time, the cost of this and additional maintenance will end up costing more than a brand new system that would require less maintenance and upkeep in the future.

Surveill VMS possesses multiple features designed to optimize performance and save you money. High availability provides a solution where a single point of failure is no longer an issue and your solution will have continuous operations. Multiple features accommodate low bandwidth environments and optimize your hardware. Surveill VMS guarantees that your streams will be accessible despite any circumstances that would disrupt footage with an antiquated VMS.