Your Healthcare Organization Requires Modern VMS

Organizations Must Ensure Safe Facilities. Surveill Can Help.

It’s 2024. Why are you still relying on aging video surveillance infrastructure to address modern-day risks?

The time is now to explore how IT-centric video management provides the scalability, reliability and automatic updates you and your security team require to address evolving risks in healthcare facilities


Security within a healthcare facility requires a finely tuned balance: the safeguarding of healthcare operations while ensuring a healing and nurturing environment.

As a security leader, you must provide a high level of safety and protection for visitors, patients, staff, and assets. Robust processes and standard operating procedures create a solid baseline but video management platforms play an important role in helping keep a facility safe and operational. By leveraging VMS built for modern challenges, you gain peace of mind that your investment is reliable, scalable, and flexible enough to meet the challenges of today while building a platform for further integrations in the future.

Surveill is your partner on this journey.

Built-in 3D Visualization

Real-time, Automatic System Updates

Containerized Environment

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