How Containerization Bolsters Video Surveillance

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How Containerization Bolsters Video Surveillance

Video management systems (VMS) are the foundational application upon which security systems are ultimately built.

However, yesterday’s video management solutions are not ideally suited to meet the evolving risks that companies face. In addition to emerging security issues, such as active shooters and employee theft, cybersecurity is also critical for security teams to consider. The days of using a legacy video system to address modern day issues are quickly coming to an end.

As businesses transition to online environments and integrate information technology (IT) infrastructure into daily operations, they expand their cyberattack surface. When it comes to video surveillance, enterprise organizations may turn to containerization to secure video management systems.

Containerization is the packaging of software code with the operating system and dependencies required to run the code to create a single lightweight executable — dubbed a container — that runs on any infrastructure. Want to learn how containerization is helping modernize video surveillance? Read the complete article from Security Magazine.