Containers are executed packaged software images with all the prerequisites included. All of this is running in an isolated environment. 

But why is that cool?

Containers allow the VMS software application services that would traditionally run on separate server environments to now run together on a single server. Containers help eliminate the need for multiple virtual machines and multiple traditional appliances to run the necessary features of an application.

Containerized VMS is different from Traditional VMS setup.

Containers virtualize an operating system into a single server, meaning LESS HARDWARE IS NEEDED. Systems running in containers are more lightweight and portable, with significantly less overhead.

This modern operating system of virtualization can be used to run anything from a small microservice, or a group of microservices, or run integration software all on one application. Microservice can be added and/or expanded independently to fit the need of the client and their facility. 

Why is Surveill built with Containers?

  1. Surveill uses today’s latest technologies in anticipation of changes in the future. Being able to provide the solutions with intelligent yet simple designs, Surveill can evolve seamlessly as technology does, so it never becomes obsolete.

  2. Containers are packaged software. Containers contain all the necessary executables, binary code, libraries, and configuration files needed for the VMS to function. Integrators and Installers no longer need to worry about installing additional frameworks or about match versioning. Surveill’s container images include everything you need.

  3. Containers are modular and built for Flexible Enterprise™. Containers are modular and allow rapid changes from development and easy convenient upgrades for end users. There is no need to change and upgrade the entire application when just one microservice can be replaced in a matter of seconds. This saves on cost and time.

  4. Any environment that can run containers can run Surveill! Surveill runs in containers so it can be deployed easily to multiple different operating systems and onto hardware platforms. Applications in containers will run the same, regardless of where they are deployed.

  5. Unlimited scalability at Rapid speed. Containers allow Surveill to expand and scale rapidly to whatever size. Container technology allows Surveill to scale almost instantly.