Out With the Old: Healthcare Requires Modern VMS

Out With the Old: Healthcare Requires Modern VMS

Healthcare security leaders know that the tools used to combat threats are only one piece of the effort to protect what truly matters within their organization: the patients, caregivers, and staff that support day-to-day operations.

There are a number of solutions for healthcare facilities to consider when it comes to physical security. Video management software is the backbone of any comprehensive security system. However, many VMS systems deployed today are outdated and are based on older technology. Without advanced functionality, healthcare providers are not experiencing the complete benefits of VMS across their organization. Modern day risks call for modern video solutions, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare environment.

That’s where Surveill VMS comes in.

Surveill takes a unique approach to video management by adding containerization to the operating system. Designed and optimized for mission-critical video workloads, Surveill VMS delivers an IT-friendly foundation with the performance, scale, and resilience required to support today’s demanding safety and operational requirements. All prerequisites are pre-configured and installed, and it is ready to implement instantly.

  • Hassle-free deployments
  • Enterprise solution that can scale on-demand
  • Scalable, simple to use, and robust
  • Takes advantage of computing and hardware resources to maximize network performance
  • Supports critical software updates and patches to ensure optimal performance
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protection with software isolation practices

Ensuring the safety and security of hospitals has always been a significant concern but Surveill can make this process easier. Using intelligent infrastructure, trusted IT processes, and advanced video surveillance platforms, you can create safer, more intelligent security programs that:

  • Optimize personnel
  • Deliver higher levels of situational intelligence that improve decision-making
  • Increase safety with rapid incident response
  • Drive intelligent operations by linking data from third-party sources
  • Reduce time spent on investigations
  • Simplify management with an intuitive interface
  • Ease training requirements

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