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Putting Video in a Container

Video management systems (VMS) will always be necessary for mission-critical organizations because they are the foundational application that security systems are built upon. Therefore, VMS architecture should promote interoperability, scalability and reliability.

Historically, one of the biggest challenges in video surveillance deployments has been ensuring the ability to scale a system as the need arises. While security as a service (SaaS) and cloud offerings have allowed stakeholders to do this more efficiently, what often get overlooked are the command and control aspects, such as integration with access control and intrusion detection, that cannot be migrated because of proprietary architecture.

And that is only one of the problems. Delivering a command-and-control platform that produces solid video is another. The only way to get the footage required has long been to buy everything from one manufacturer. But this locks the user in and inhibits their ability to prepare for the future.

What is needed is a solution designed to fit a modern enterprise’s needs, one that is built on current IT policies and that enables end users to scale on top of a containerized architecture. Learn how modern IT infrastructure is changing the possibilities in this article from the Security Industry Association.