Integrated LiDAR and Surveill VMS for Retail Intelligence

As a retail loss prevention professional, you rely heavily on video surveillance and advanced intelligence to help support safety and security processes. But in the changing retail environment, your list of needs and responsibilities is growing.

Security and LP efforts require accurate, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. However, traditional security technologies are often antiquated and leave the door open to risks and challenges.

That’s where we’re changing the game. Quanergy and Surveill have partnered on the development of an integrated LiDAR-based video surveillance platform to support the delivery of mission-critical security and business intelligence.

Quanergy 3D LiDAR solutions provide real-time people and incident tracking into Surveill VMS. The inherent openness of the Surveill VMS platform supports rapid and comprehensive integration with the Quanergy solution to provide mission-critical video data analysis.

Retail Intelligence, Delivered

Modern video surveillance provides the tools to address evolving retail requirements. Advanced solutions, such as LiDAR integrated video surveillance, support the delivery of mission-critical security and business intelligence. 3D LiDAR can augment video data to empower retailers to identify and assess security situations and operational challenges accurately. And today’s ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. The use cases with 3D and video are only just starting to emerge, but one thing remains constant: there is a growing demand for video and data to drive higher levels of customer engagement and business intelligence.

Quanergy’s LiDAR-based surveillance solution enhances security and loss prevention by significantly reducing false alarms by 95%. Quanergy uses 3D LiDAR that operates under lighting conditions to deliver a 98% detection accuracy and real-time tracking of crowds and traffic flows. When integrated with VMS, it allows the security system to precisely control PTZ cameras to locate and track potential intruders, thus allowing security leaders to assess risks like ORC proactively.

Surveill is a modern video management platform built on advanced containerization technology and IT standards that enable users to easily integrate other systems and IoT devices at scale. Organizations gain access to advanced visualization that increases situational awareness, stringent cybersecurity protocols, and automatic, rolling updates. These are just a few features built-in to the Surveill platform that enable retailers to focus on the critical tasks at hand: protecting people, data, and assets.

Built-in 3D Visualization

Real-time, Automatic System Updates

Containerized Environment

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