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The integration of advancing surveillance technology into the existing security infrastructure of cities will lead to safer spaces and improved conditions for living, working, and simply existing. As cities are some of the most densely populated areas in the world, it is essential to be able to monitor them and effectively ensure the safety of the people who inhabit them.

Efforts at reducing crime by law enforcement are aided by the use of surveillance technology, with tools such as license plate and facial recognition. These data analysis tools enable incident reporting and tracking in order to effectively enhance safety measures. Surveill VMS solutions are able to integrate seamlessly into an existing security system, such as analytics (license plate readers and facial recognition) and access control, to create a comprehensive security solution.

Operation Shield

An example of an integrated city security infrastructure aimed at increasing safety within a city is Operation Shield – an effort between the city of Atlanta and Edge360 (the developer of Surveill) to reduce citywide crime.

The operation was built to scale. According to the Atlanta Police Department website, 10,600 cameras make up the Operation Shield Surveillance solution today, with both public and private cameras that have opted into the system. Additionally, up to 50% of crime is down in the areas this system is in place. Many of the cameras owned by the APD are directly controllable, to zoom and pan as an event is unfolding.

This is useful to get a better angle or a closer view of a criminal or a crime scene before the police are able to make it on-site. Other cameras will scan and read the license plates of cars, gathering and assessing the data to locate stolen cars or cars of people wanted on warrants. This means that in a matter of seconds, the police department is notified if a vehicle of interest has been located.

Detectives were able to get images of license plates on camera and found a stolen Mercedes because of the license plate readers. Out of the cameras installed by Edge360 for the overall solution, other than having one or two shot or hit by trucks, there were no regular failures – none.

Building a Smarter City

Not only does surveillance in cities provide increased security measures for the safety of its citizens and locations, but it can aid in creating a more productive and comfortable living experience. Citywide surveillance monitors public spaces constantly to alert those controlling city operations to possible incidents and restrictions to efficiency.

For example, if a traffic light is out of service, police or others can be sent into direct traffic – monitoring these risks not only keeps traffic running smoothly, but also reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Where does VMS come in?

Video management systems provide a valuable tool for city security in their ability to manage the data of multiple locations and sites within those locations. The large populations and ranges of environments within cities require a large number of cameras to be in place. Without a single VMS, those sites would have to be individually, and manually, monitored and managed. VMSs make it possible to maintain comprehensive video-surveillance data of every happening within public sectors of cities.

With a VMS that allows for third-party integrations with technology such as video analytics, data and information will be absorbed and displayed onto a single platform, creating a comprehensive security solution, ensuring that all of your security needs are met and exceeded.

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