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Secure Your IT Investments

Each day, data centers face emerging physical and cybersecurity challenges and must focus on modernizing their security and safety efforts to reduce their comprehensive risks. But ever-evolving threats, such as online extremism, workplace violence, cyber threats, and brand protection require more robust protocols than older physical security systems can provide.

Data centers typically have hundreds, or thousands of physical security devices spread over a large campus and perimeter, which can be challenging to manage and keep up to date. On top of that, many IT security systems and physical security software, like video management platforms quickly become outdated and are traditionally difficult to keep updated and secure. But this antiquated process must change: As more businesses shift to remote work and the storage of critical data via the cloud and within these data centers expands, the need for solid security which always is up to date and secure in these facilities is growing and protecting them becomes more critical.

It is also important to note that maintaining and updating physical security software often takes a back seat and are exempted from security policies other critical IT systems must follow. But the protection of the physical security system of the facility is just as important.

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