Edge360 & Gallagher

Centralized Security with Surveill VMS

Through the Gallagher and Edge360 partnership, Command Centre users will be able to seamlessly view and control video surveillance and access control systems from a single interface, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. By correlating video footage with access events, users can investigate incidents comprehensively and quickly identify specific recordings associated with those events. The synchronized workflows and coordinated responses enabled by the combined focus on video and access control eliminate the need for separate systems and manual coordination improving security operations.

Surveill VMS

Edge360’s Surveill VMS stands at the forefront of security technology, offering an unprecedented level of reliability, uptime, and data security through its innovative integration of containerization with the operating system. Designed to handle mission critical video workloads, Surveill provides an IT-friendly foundation that seamlessly scales to meet the increasingly complex safety and operational demands of today’s world. With a focus on performance, scalability, and resilience, Surveill VMS is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for optimizing security operations.

Gallagher Security solutions

Gallagher offers comprehensive security and business risk management solutions for large and small organizations throughout the world, addressing key issues of security and risk management.

Part of the Gallagher Group, based in Hamilton, New Zealand, we design and manufacture our solutions on site. We also have regional teams located across the globe in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America and the UK.

Value Proposition

Advanced Video Analytics

Empowers users with advanced video analytics capabilities, transforming raw video footage into valuable insights. By leveraging features such as facial recognition, object detection, people counting, and motion detection, users can gain deeper situational awareness and make data-driven decisions. These powerful analytics not only enhance security but also automate processes, saving time and optimizing resource allocation for better outcomes.

Centralized Management

The Surveill/Gallagher integration unifies video surveillance and access control, allowing users to efficiently manage both from a single interface. It correlates video with access events, streamlining investigations and enhancing security. Eliminating separate systems and manual coordination saves time and improves security operations.

Enhanced Security

The integration provides a comprehensive and robust solution for monitoring and managing the combined video surveillance and access control infrastructure, significantly enhancing the security of any premises. By leveraging this integration, users can effectively monitor and respond to potential threats faster, ensuring the safety of their environment.

Technical Specifications

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