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Features that Optimize Your Workflow

Security and surveillance are a large part of any company’s infrastructure. Video Management Software (VMS) makes the maintenance and management of security easier. A large part of this has to do with oversight of many camera streams from multiple sites, which can seem daunting due to the large volume of content that is continuously coming in.

Surveill VMS tackled this issue by a simple but effective method. The Surveill VMS solution was designed to fit into larger solutions and has made integration with other solutions easier with its API First Design.a

Along with its API First Design, Surveill VMS was also designed to further improve on the user experience. For example, the Surveill VMS Monitoring Tab is designed to be simple with its functions and features. The Monitoring Tab is intuitive and made to optimize your workflow. Speed and accuracy are at the forefront of the design.

Camera streams appear on the Surveill Grids, a screen featuring the feeds from multiple ongoing camera streams. With these designs to make large scale camera infrastructure easier to manage, Surveill VMS should be your preferred solution.

Users have several options to optimize their monitoring experience.

    1. Search functionality. The high-performance playback engine that Surveill VMS allows for easy and fast playback. At a moment’s notice, if an incident happens and you need to playback video Surveill allows for easy access to the archive data. Additionally, when selecting the time of playback, you are able to see the thumbnail of the video file, giving you a glimpse of the video to help you search.
    2. Layouts. Surveill VMS is your standard splits like your single split, four split, 9, etc. Additionally, you can have a custom layout that is for you personally or if you wish to share the layout with other users you can do so as well.
    3. Monitor and capture all in one. See something worth capturing? Snapshot directly from your monitoring tab grid on the camera stream that you wish to pull an image from. This is great if you spot something that needs critical attention. From here, you can move to the Image Editor tab to enhance or edit the details of the image.