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Features that Optimize Your Workflow

While having multiple cameras can be an effective way to achieve a large range of coverage for a site, PTZ controls allow for the same capabilities with just one. PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom, which gives some insight into what exactly the controls do. PTZ controls allow for remote viewing of surveillance streams and control over the functionality even when off-site, which will improve company workflows.

Without PTZ controls, constant on-site presence would be required to avoid risking severely limiting viewing capabilities. These tools allow for control over the range of coverage of the views and other qualities of recording, as well as the capability for single-person control over several sites.

Surveill’s VMS gives you multiple ways to control your PTZ cameras.  You have your controls conveniently located at the right side of the screen for easy access. If you wish to use your mouse to control the PTZ, you have the ability to do so by selecting the Box, Arrow, or ClickTrak options. Additionally, the Surveill VMS can easily connect to the PTZ controllers to give the user more control over their PTZ camera.

A Closer Look at Advanced PTZ Controls:

Box: Allows the user to focus and zoom in on specific objects in a video stream.

Arrow: Gives the user a joystick-esque experience, the ability to use the mouse to point the direction the PTZ camera is monitoring in.

ClickTrak: This feature gives users the ability to click and drag to follow a moving object with the PTZ camera.