Surveill VMS


It has never been more challenging to manage the security environment.

Surveill VMS leverages the power of video to keep you on top of the activities and trends impacting your organization – everything from specific security events to long-term patterns that affect your customers, workforce, and physical assets.



Whether you have one site to protect or hundreds across the globe, Surveill VMS empowers you and your team to deliver effective security 24/7/365 and generate value for your organization. 

  • Proven in some of the most complex deployments that span multiple sites across the world amid challenging network conditions.
  • Built with cloud-enabled technology that is the recognized standard for mission-critical IT applications and becoming the standard in security.
  • Best-in-class support from Edge360 and its partners to ensure a smooth deployment, regular updates to keep your system secure, and easy expansion

Discover the visual future of security management. Discover Surveill VMS.


It starts with the most robust video platform on the market. Surveill VMS delivers fast, high-quality video through an intuitive interface that makes it easy to understand and respond. 2D floor plans and 3D building views allow agents to quickly pull up video to verify events from all your security systems, including intrusion, access control, personal security and more.

Through the integration of best-of-breed video analytics and AI, Surveill becomes a business intelligence platform to understand and proactively respond to threats such as shrinkage and opportunities like improved customer service and employee safety.


Built on modern network technology, Surveill is easy to manage, cost-effective to scale, and inherently high security. Essential features that cost you extra with other technologies are standard with Surveill: high availability, redundancy, failover, and active management of cybersecurity risk. And you’ll never have to plan for downtime again: updates happen automatically without the system ever going offline.

That’s why we call it “mission-critical video.”



Surveill Enterprise

360° Organizational Intelligence

Surveill VMS empowers local teams to understand and respond to events, while giving you visibility to all that’s happening across the organization. What’s more, Surveill provides the data you need for understanding patterns affecting your business performance, whether that’s shrinkage and organized retail crime, or employee safety and poor customer experience. It puts you on the path to predictive and proscriptive management of your security and business environment.


Surveill VMS is entirely built on cloud-enabled networking and software technologies to deliver a solution that is easy to manage, cost- effective to scale and inherently high security. 

Visually driven user interface for rapid event verification

Interactive 2D-floor plans and 3D building views precisely match your real environment and make it easy for agents to drill down and see what’s happening and where. Color-coded alarms help in understanding the nature of the event, and relevant camera views are quickly called up. Status is updated in real-time so that agents can follow an event in progress.

Best cost for performance

No other solution can deliver Surveill VMS’s feature as cost-effectively. Features such as failover, high availability, and cyber protection are not “nice to haves” – they are essential to maximizing your uptime so you can deliver the security your organization needs. We include this foundational functionality for every customer, every time, with transparent and simple pricing that always leaves a path for future growth and expansion.

Maximum uptime, security & reliability:

Video is a mission-critical application that’s key to your situational awareness, and it has to be available at all times, even with network issues or under heavy demand. That’s the standard for Surveill VMS. Surveill combines local appliances with highly efficient bandwidth management in the cloud to deliver lightning-quick responses under the most demanding loads. Thanks to our modern cloud-enabled architecture, Surveill comes standard with high availability, redundancy, failover, and active management of cybersecurity risk. The result is a system that’s there when you need it.

Rapid & flexible deployment

You can be up and running with Surveill VMS quickly, thanks to an open API for integrations and an all-in-one software architecture that eliminates the need for separate applications and servers for your database, recording, and archiving. You can reuse the cameras, servers, and other hardware you have — while improving their performance — and integrate best-of-breed solutions for your analytics and more. You’re never locked into a specific set of hardware, and when it comes time to upgrade or expand, Surveill easily accommodates these changes.

Expand with ease

Because Surveill is built on microservices designed to operate in a virtual environment, it is very easy and economical to scale, whether that’s adding a new camera or an entire new location. All the services that you have to plan for with other systems — recoding, database, archiving — are built in, plus a lot more. As you scale, your solution doesn’t get more complex, it just becomes more robust: better redundancy, load balancing for faster performance, and hardware optimization to help you get the most from your entire security infrastructure.

Effortless Updates

Transform what is typically a 6-month process for most platforms into a matter of minutes with Surveill VMS. Utilizing containerization, the most secure and efficient method for deploying and updating software, we package every component of your system – GUI, database, recording, archiving – into a single update that seamlessly integrates in the background without disrupting your system. Our error-checking mechanisms ensure that the update is installed correctly and functions as expected. By overseeing every aspect of your system and not relying on external software platforms, we eliminate surprises; what you receive is identical to what has undergone rigorous testing in our quality assurance program.


Whether you are in-office, remote, or on-the-go, view video feeds from wherever you are with our different client configurations for:

  • Surveill Desktop
  • Surveill Mobile
  • Surveill Tablet 


Surveill video management software is for all different types of organizations. We know you have different needs based on the type of organization you are in. 

We offer Standard, Professional, Executive, and Elite options to make it easy for you to pick, click, and deploy.