What People Say About Surveill VMS

Surveill VMS is the only containerized video management solution designed to seamlessly scale and support a customer's security operations. 

Incorporating 3D LiDAR to augment video data empowers security practitioners to accurately identify and assess security situations to enable a more informed, rapid response. The use cases with 3D and video are only just starting to emerge and we are excited to work with Surveill to deliver a combined solution that supports the growing demand for video and data.

Gerald Becker


We have a strong vision for how Surveill will help us break into new markets in the commercial sector.

This partnership opens new doors and allows us to not only offer video management solutions that redefine the deployment of video infrastructure but allow us to take a leading role as an integrator that sees the future of the industry.

Cullen Schaubach

Vice President of Technology, Johns Brothers

The containerized aspect of Surveill’s video management platform will be enormously beneficial to organizations looking to build their security program on a video-centric infrastructure built on IT standards. We are happy to work closely with the Surveill team to help mission-critical organizations realize their security objectives, no matter how big or small, complex or simple.

Jeremy Bailey

Director of Sales, Velasea