What to Look for When Selecting a VMS

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What to Look for When Selecting a VMS

Video management systems are a critical element in video surveillance. When selecting a VMS solution, the user often has many things to consider, for example what architecture to employ and what features to look for. And cybersecurity continues to be an essential consideration, especially in light of the well-publicized breaches organizations have experienced over the past year.

“Physical security vendors, including VMS and storage providers, must be sure they follow cybersecurity best practices to ensure the utmost protection,” said John Rezzonico, CEO of Edge360. “Cybersecurity may not immediately come to mind when you think of a VMS platform. Hacking and malware are often considered separate from physical security devices, but the two have become intertwined as bad actors are starting to use more sophisticated and unique methods to gain access to networks, data, and assets. As more physical security devices connect through the Internet of Things (IoT), encryption and vulnerability testing are essential to ensure secure data transfer.”

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